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Imagine the excitement buzzing among the students as they embarked on a transformative journey to the captivating city of Paris for a week-long study global field intensive program. This immersive experience offers students a unique opportunity to delve into the world of marketing and public relations, where they would have the chance to meet esteemed executives from renowned companies like Hermes, L'Oréal, Chanel, WPP, McCann, ComScore, and Warner Bros.


The itinerary promised a rich blend of theoretical knowledge and practical workshops, guaranteeing an exceptional educational experience. One of the highlights is a collaboration with the prestigious fragrance company, Firmenich, where the students would actively participate in the development of a new fragrance. This hands-on approach not only allows them to witness the creative process firsthand but also exposed them to the intricate nuances of the industry. From networking with industry leaders to engaging in practical workshops, this study abroad program in Paris is set to ignite the passion for marketing and PR within each student, shaping their future careers with invaluable insights and experiences

Parliament of France
A Stroll Around Paris
Night in the City
Gargoyle Statue
French Courthouse
Arch of Triumph
Taxi in Paris
Bridge with Gargoyles
Uniform Buildings
Sacred Heart of Paris
Paris La Defense
Main Square
Metro Stop
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