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Be a Pragmatist - Embracing the Transformative Power of Creativity and Marketing

Since stepping foot on the WPP Beach on the first day, I have been immersed in a profound sense of power. We were captivated by the speech delivered by IRG (Institute for Real Growth), a non-profit organization that helps CMOs and other growth leaders drive more humanized growth for their companies. What impressed me most was their operational model, which involves influencing executives directly to effect enduring and sustainable change in society. Additionally, their ability to quantify the value of social topics contributing to sustainable development was truly fascinating, offering invaluable insights for marketers.

Another aspect that deeply resonated with me was the existence of social topics related to women's rights in the award-winning campaigns. Witnessing an increasing number of marketers step forward to challenge gender stereotypes, advocate for helping vulnerable women groups, and present solutions to prevailing dilemmas, as seen in cases like The Cost of Beauty, Dirty Laundry, and Knock Knock, has been truly inspiring. It constantly reminds me of the social responsibility I'd like to take as a female marketer and the areas in which I aspire to delve deeper.

Besides, this Festival made me attach more importance to every small action inside every industry, just like the billboards Finish put inside the conference hall. They encourages consumers to skip the rinse so that everyone can save up to 20gal / 57L of water every time they run their dishwasher. A simple change for individuals can be a huge change for the world.

In summary, we must never underestimate the influence of media and communication in shaping people's subconscious beliefs and behaviors. I have been told that marketing content should align with consumers' existing social awareness rather than attempting to educate or change them. This is indeed a controversial topic. Nonetheless, the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival has convincingly demonstrated the tremendous potential that lies in combining creativity, social influence, and business success. In the past, I may have primarily focused on the commercial value of each marketing plan, such as driving sales. But after this journey, I believe I will incorporate more social value into considerations.

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