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The Perfect CANNES Professional Study - Supercharge PR Skills with LIONS

As a graduate student of NYU Public Relations and Corporate Communication program, it is a rewarding opportunity for me to enrich my professional development at LIONS.

There are Inside the Jury Room & Tour of Work every day for candidates to gather together, learn from award-winning work appreciation, deconstructed and analyzed by experts in different fields.


GUT launched this campaign for DoorDash, introducing a bouquet available exclusively through DoorDash that is made of 11 real roses and one Rose ™, the best-selling female sex toy of the last five years.

They grounded the conversation in destigmatizing female self-pleasure, to achieve the goal of showing consumers that DoorDash could be a go-to destination for same-day flower delivery on Valentine’s Day. This campaign won the Grand Prix award of the PR sector.

It is the best romantic for each girl to keep herself a bouquet of roses, isn't it? Loving ourselves can win everything.


Although condemned by WHO as a violation of human rights, virginity testing was still officially performed in Romania in medical forensic units.

To raise awareness and outlaw virginity testing in Romania, DDB Romania released a video comparing National Highschool Examinations and virginity tests to generate conversation. They encouraged individuals to sign a petition to end the testing.

After the petition gathered over 43k signatures, a gathering of supporters took place in front of the Government to protest these tests. In only five days, the Romanian government changed the law, eliminated virginity testing in the country's most important medical unit.


In the wake of the epidemic, what's catching on? In addition to always saying "we want something new", the re-popularization of old-time memories is definitely one of the most frequent elements.

In 2022, pressures were high because India hadn’t won the World Cup in 11 years since 2011, the same year Oreo was launched in India. Oreo found serendipity. If Oreo could launch again in 2022, India could win the World Cup again in 2022. Although this keen wish did not come true, Oreo won 1Bn Indian’s attention, and $3Mn Earned PR value.

Immersed in the creativity that came together from all over the world, I saw how whimsy can be brought intelligently into the three-dimensional world. What may be just a flash of light can have a huge impact and profit.

What is the value of creativity? CANNES LIONS gave me all the answers.

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